Moving to Jekyll

July 18, 2015

That’s right - I’ve decided to migrate my blog platform once again. There’s got to be some right of passage to becoming a senior web developer which involves having used at least 10 different platforms for your personal blog/website. Mission accomplished.

At any rate - here I am. Why? For starters I’m already rather horrible at actually writing content, so I wanted to use a platform that took care of as much of the hosting/styling/structuring as possible. What’s that you say? I could just use a hosted blog solution? Well, I suppose that’s fair, but then again I am a stubborn web developer and I want to hold on to as much control as possible. Besides I’d eventually want to tweak things beyond the native capabilities of the hosted site which would trigger another platform switch in about a year.

Seriously though, I need to write more. I need a platform that takes away as much of the distracting “make this crap look good” temptation as possible. It seems that Jekyll can do that for me:

  1. Write something in markdown
  2. Git push
  3. Done

Can’t get much simpler than that, plus I still have fine-grain control of basically everything, for the inevitable future of me tinkering for hours on end just to avoid writing something.

So far today I’ve already added some new web fonts, slightly changed the base templates, customize the footer and… dammit, I need to write more.